The Most Expensive House For Sale in DC Is Actually NOT an OTT McMansion.

There’s a sad, all-too-common real estate phenomenon in DC and some of its surrounding counties that you should know about. The higher the price tag and the more expansive the square footage, the more likely it is that dozens of marbles will have died for its creation, that an entire forest will have been decimated for its faux-Victorian crown moulding, that walnut cabinetry will worm its way into every single room. Let’s call it the More Mantels Than Sense Effect. It plagues our gawking and destroys our will to ogle real estate we will never own.

So what a refreshing moment when you discover that the most expensive house on the market in DC (per Redfin)—$20 million price tag, or approximately $81,000/month—is actually really, really tastefully done.

Yes, it is so big (9,469 square feet) that a loose Pomeranian might never be seen again. But there’s restraint in almost every decision. Wide plank floors and elegant moulding keep the architecture from feeling fussy. A bold brass hood over the stove acts as the focal point in an otherwise sedate kitchen. Windows maintain classic proportions. Overall, it makes us relieved that we can real estate peep again without fear.

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